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Listed building VAT advice Vat Consultant - Dave Brown - Listed Building Specialist

For the past 20 years I have been very successful in assisting owners of listed buildings in making significant savings of VAT on work done their properties.  In essence, for domestic and certain other types of residential and charity buildings, VAT relief can be obtained for alterations done to the property.  Conversely, no VAT relief can be obtained for repairs.  In between the words “alteration” and “repair” are many grey areas, and that is the area where my assistance can prove to be of use.

Listed Building Property Owners ClubIn this area, I also work closely with the Listed Property Owners Club, an organisation in Kent whose role in life is to provide assistance in all areas relevant to owning a listed building. 

If you need any assistance in achieving the best result on work done by your builder, please let me know.

A Budget announcement unfortunately heralded the imminent end of VAT relief for listed home owners, from 1 October 2012. Admittedly, the Treasury backtracked on the full effect of the measure, which in short only retains VAT relief for those who had applied for Listed Building Consent prior to the Budget - 21 March 2012 – and this only provides VAT relief until September 2015. NB: there are still other VAT reliefs that can apply to certain types of building works - please call for details.